Douglas A. Vanden Heuvel & Associates, Inc.
We utilize the latest, cutting edge
technology to provide the best, most
accurate product available.
We specialize in providing Professional
Surveying & Mapping services to
Realtors, Lawyers, Banks, Civil
Engineers, Title Companies, Builders
and the Public.
Boundary Surveying
Draper Lake
The Crew:
Doug, DeDe, Robert, Shannon,
Tyler & Stephanie
Set up Where?
Past 3 time President & Member of the Emerald Coast
Chapter of the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society
Member-American Congress on Surveying & Mapping
Member-National Society of Professional Surveyors
Florida Surveyor L.S. No. 4585
Florida Surveying Business Authorization No. 7299
Alabama License No. 30008
Douglas A. Vanden Heuvel & Associates, Inc.
11 Racetrack Road NE., Suite D-3
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547
Voice: 850.315.5009 Fax: 850.315.5010
Mobile: (850) 496-0105
Aerial Recon
Panama City Beach
Destiny by
the Sea
Life's Rough Surveying on the Emerald Coast!
Doug has over 36 years experience in Land Surveying, 29
years in Northwest Florida, over 22 years as a licensed
Professional Surveyor and Mapper and has performed
thousands of surveys along the Emerald Coast. Licensed in
Florida & Alabama.
We are expert in Boundary, Mortgage or Record,
Topographic, Condominium, Control & As-Built
Surveys as well as Construction Layout, FEMA
Elevation Certificates, Letters of Map Revision,
Letters of Map Amendment and Wetlands
mitigation survey
Fully Licensed and Insured.
We maintain strict Quality Assurance &
Quality Control for our Clients'